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Company's profile

Company's profile

OEM Tech is a full service, customer oriented product development manufacturer of specialized power supplies mostly for lasers and electro-optical devices, but not only. Founded in 2008, we quickly established a reputation for individual approach, attention to detail, quality and service. Today we supply the clients with power electronics ranging from simple to advanced, medical and industrial, standard and customized, selling thousands of items worldwide every year.

We offer high quality products with plenty of variations to suit your requirements in the fields of laser electronics:

  • flashlamp pumping, including capacitor charging power supplies, simmer modules and other parts for flashlamp driving;
  • diode pumping, including diode drivers both for CW and pulsed laser diodes.
  • electro-optics - a variety of Pockels cell drivers for different applications, from simple Q-switching to more advanced pulse picking and regenerative amplifier control.

Our manufacturing, R&D, marketing, logistics and related facilities are located in Minsk, Belarus (East Europe), so our devices go from idea, to design, to build all in one place. We have a dedicated team of electronics engineers and designers who are in touch with our customers every step of the way, both before and after a sale.

We sell directly through our own office, or through our network of partners and distributors.

We are proud to have strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients, appreciating every one of them, medical and aesthetic device manufacturers like Alma lasers, Venus Concept or Deka, industrial customers like Thales or Coherent, scientific ones like CalTech or Imperial College London and individuals around the world.

Our customers

Medical device companies

Industrial companies



2019 - OEM Tech becomes a resident-company of Hi-Tech Park (Belarus)

2017 - the first formal certificate of conformity to EN 60601-1 has been received (for PCA-10 capacitor charging power supply)

2016 - global certification program has been started

2015 - our quality assurance system gets ISO 9001 certified

2014 - mass production of medical-grade capacitor charging power supplies has been started

2013 - company enters very important Israely market

2012 - sales office in Jena, Germany is established

2011 - company introduces the first generation of high voltage high repetition rate switches for pulse picking applications

2010 - company enters its first export market, namely S.Korean

2009 - main product lines (capacitor charging power supplies, laser diode drivers, general purpose Pockels cell drivers) are introduced

2008 - company is established


In 2015 OEM Tech successfully completed the first-time audit against the ISO 9001 standard. We have adopted quality management system (QMS) and took responsibility for continuous improvement and meeting customer expectations for product, quality and service.

The ISO 9001 defines policies and procedures for organisation, which OEM Tech has implemented as a daily routine:

  • We set high quality standards at every step of the manufacturing process.
  • Our staff evaluate and act when the quality standards are not met.
  • Managers are responsible for further improvements to the quality standards.
  • Team members are always provided with necessary tools for upholding the quality standards.
  • Regular training actions are carried out for team members to maintain the level of the quality respect, knowledge, and skills required by the quality standards.
Our quality assurance manager is: